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Historical Fiction Book

Blood Is Thicker Than Color


  ISBN-13: 978-1502781789        ISBN-10: 1502781786



A historical fiction based in the 1920's. The protagonist named Eugene Brewer is a negro man who had an unfortunate mishap with a white sheriff, during which a woman was killed in the crossfire.


Jack fled north to Chicago and was labeled a fugitive in Mississippi. Once in Chicago, he was able to pass himself off as white, but he always had the fear of being caught.

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" This book is well written and spoken from the time period it depicts. I was drawn into the main character immediately, from the opening page. I also enjoyed the historical points and background sprinkled through out the book. When the author draws out and vividly describe points of interest referenced in her book, the imagery would place me there. I was transported back in time to a period in Chicago history as I read; captivated with the story of Jack. "

" Writing historical fiction is a monumental task. Sometimes, for those of us who love to read it, it can be even harder. We read these works constantly comparing what the author reveals to what we think we know of history. The character's dialogue further illuminates whether we can continue on this journey with the author or not. But the killing part is, much of what we, as Americans, have swallowed as our history is, in fact fiction.

I picked up 'Blood is Thicker Than Color', prepared to reveal each historical malfeasance in my mind, with the Imaginary, sadity red ink of a 1960's editor. But then I fell more into the story of the characters as well as a curiosity for the writer; it is hard to embrace one, without the other. And at some point I stopped comparing TJ Morris to Toni Morrison and started looking at the parallels and the ups and downs of her characters to those of my very own family and other families I know of who had to escape Mississippi long after slaves were freed.

TJ Morris' effort totally disarmed me of my premeditated criticism and gave me the gift of exploration and self-reflection. I am glad she wrote Blood is Thicker Than Color and that I took this journey with her. "

" I am amazed at the challenges that the family navigated through in order to blend in with the majority of society at that time. T J Morris did an excellent job of capturing the spirit of the era. This book has universal appeal as one family moves in and out of their comfort zone. The very descriptive language made this book an easy read. I look forward to more genuine experiences fromthis very talented author. "

" Oh, my goodness. I could not put this book down. Very captivating. You immediately love this family. "

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