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A Poem by TJ



The moment was here

It was time

It was what I had been praying for




You Know

That moment of realization

That moment of feeling the mission

That moment of discovery

That decisive moment




I sat there crying

Trying to find my way through

The wonderful life that I was born to live

That moment that would provide some type of satisfaction within

Some reason for my existence

I had always wondered WHY


Why was I born?

What was I put here to do?

On the other hand, was I supposed to just exist and drift

through life and die?


This was not satisfying to me

Life was too hard




I had finally found my mission in life

This is where my mission had to be

Something that would release that expressive part of me


I started writing

Just as I am doing today


That personal human revolution

This encompasses going back to when I was a child

and embracing everything that life has had to offer


It was time to stop lying to the true me,

So, I could get to the real me

Starting at point A

Maybe I might make it to point B


I cried for days

As I reflected on these memories

But I had to do the Human Revolution in me




Was one of the hardest things to do

Now looking back, it was just a balancing act

Balancing life and making me do what I do

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