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TJ Morris /Storiword

Know the Author



TJ Morris grew-up in Chicago, IL.  Started her artistic endeavors during her High School years, when she entered a pillow embroidery contest given by a major department store in Chicago. TJ won second place.


TJ has always had an interest in the Arts, even as a small child. She would spend hours trying to duplicate pictures from magazines and comic strips.


She attended Northern Illinois University for a couple years after high school and finished her academic career at Columbia College of Chicago.


Already working in the medical field, while furthering her education, she eventually landed a position as a multi-media coordinator in Cardiology. This is where TJ helped produce art work for medical publications and conferences. She also helped the Director and Assistant Director of Cardiologist produce a book, which they hoped would be used as a textbook in the schools.


After many years of exploring various artistic forms, TJ Morris found her mission in the genre of writing. She mostly writes poetry and short stories. "Blood Is Thicker Than Color" is her first novella and second book. 







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